Home Revon

redefining home automation

Closer than ever, fingertip away.

  • Control from anywhere through internet remotely using our HomeRevon apps
  • No more distance barrier

Redundant Repetitive Recurring task. Automate and forget about it.

  • Virtual housekeeper
  • Schedule light
  • Motion triggered light

Integrated with your autogate

  • Work with your existing autogate system
  • Notify user when not close
  • Auto close
  • Pedestrian mode – partially open for walkway

Added things up, make a scene.

  • One touch turning on / off multiple devices
  • Turn off all ground floor light before going to bed with a single touch

Protect your love one.

  • Automatically arm / disarm alarm system
  • Flexible securing areas – 16 arming mode
  • Wireless sensor allow progressively¬† add detection sensor when require

Prepare for the unexpected

  • Battery Backup
  • Offline capability
  • Heartbeats – health signal

Advance protection

  • False / fake contact detection
  • Unauthorized removal of sensor
  • Voice siren
  • Fog generator

Hands free, use voice.

  • Hey Google, arm my security system
  • Hey Google, turn on living hall light
  • Hey Google, lock my front door

Now I can find you in the dark.

Upgrade without the mess

  • no ceiling capacitor needed
  • no additional neutral needed
  • no wiring / renovating / drilling
  • wireless sensor

Sharing is caring

  • Multi user access and management
  • Multi home control in one app account
  • Accessing office and home control in one app account

Extend your reach

  • Pair remote control to switch
  • Virtual button
  • Freely assign any button to any target device
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